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Error: Hunk_AllocateTempmemory: failed on XXXXXX

If you get an error like “Error: Hunk_AllocateTempmemory: failed on 262200” while playing on W:ET and loading a new map, follow the next steps to resolve this.

After the game starts, hit the ~ (tilde) key to bring down the console
Type the following or change the number to anywhere upto 3/4 of memory available. EG: if you have if you have 128 meg in your system, you can set it up to 96.

/set com_hunkmegs 192

This setting only needs to be set once, as it is saved in a configuration file by W:ET. This setting will let W:ET allocate more memory for a map to load and will not make any maps run slower.

If you have any questions about the Hunk_AllocateTempmemory error, or any other issues running W:ET, don’t hesistate to conntact us in our forum.

aimeX - 23.11.15 09:11 Uhr
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